Is your kitchen looking TIRED & DATED,

but you still love the layout?

Instead of budgeting for a HUGE disruptive renovation, refinishing the cabinets can be the PERFECT solution to get many more years out of the most loved space in your home!

The process:

  • Initial Colour Consultation.
  • Discuss your cabinet challenges.
  • Prep space by sealing the room from any overspray as this is KEY!
  • Small repairs if needed.
  • Specific primer to ensure paint adhesion.
  • Spray and roll using a specialized cabinet paint for the most professional smooth finish.
  • Put it back together.
  • Full Clean up
  • Reveal!

Client Testimonials

Kirsten Marten

I recently had my Granny's kitchen cabinets repainted by Doug, a truly impressive painter. His skillful work exceeded our expectations. The cabinets look stunning, and the overall transformation is remarkable. I highly recommend him and his services for a top-notch kitchen cabinet refresh!

Sherry & Byrun

We hired Doug to repaint our kitchen cabinets, and we couldn't be happier with the results! From start to finish, the experience was excellent. His attention to detail, expertise, and flawless finish truly exceeded our expectations.

His professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction was outstanding.

We highly recommend him for any kitchen cabinet repainting project.

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About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I am passionate about reviving homes and spaces with a fresh coat of colour, especially kitchens, the heart of the home.

Originally from Kelowna, BC and recently relocated to the beautiful Vancouver Island, I am a lover of all things inspiring such as nature, the ocean and my family.

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